Wednesday 29 June 2011

Showcase Day

We have had an incredibly busy day today showing the whole school our finished animation.

The film makers from year six and five ran the day.
Each year group came to the hall every half an hour to watch the animation, introduced by our film makers.
We then had six animation stations set up which our film makers manned.
How to make a zoetrope strip, flip book or trying out animating with puppets under a rostrum camera.

A big welcome to all our film makers from John and Wendy.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Finishing Animation and Audio Recording

The animating team have had a busy two days finishing animating, recording audio and planning for our showcase day on the 29th.
Mr Strand the schools music teacher has spent the day working with teams to create sound effects and music loops for the film.
The children have been great at recording their voices for the narration of the animation and the characters.

The year six students have designed some posters for our animation premiere.

For the showcase their will be a chance for the other year groups to have a go at animating or to make a flip book or zoetrope.
Year six and five students will supervise activities.
They have been busy designing and printing tokens for each activity.

All the students have been working with Mr Strand and using some exciting musical instruments like the
vibraslap and belltree.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Animation and Ideas.

The students continued animating today.

Using the templates we made for the sand animation as printing blocks we built up a background scene for when Harry Gosling led the dockers out on strike.

We also talked with the Year 5 and 6 students about the screening day.
We plan to screen the film somewhere in the school so all the year groups can come in turn to watch. The year 5 and 6 students will run animation activity tables for the other children to have a taster of the animating process.
The music teacher Jordan is also on board with the project and will spend next Tuesday working with the students on a soundtrack and effects for the film.

Nuzhat and Sanjida -
"Today we painted our handmade cookie cutters with black printing ink. After we painted the cookie cutters we printed onto sugar paper.
We were working on the section of the film when Harry was working on the dockers."

"We're moving the stars around for our logo. Tasmina and Anisa were helping but they had to leave so I had to do it all by myself."

Year 6 students started to create posters for the screening day.

Farhana -
"We were using ink to print posters for the animation screening's quite tricky and fun as well."

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Sand Animation

John and Wendy had another great day with the students at Harry Gosling.
We got really stuck into sand animation.
Here are some links to Studio Misseri's sand animation which inspired us.

To make the animation we used tray's of sand which we then and drew into. After each frame we would flatten out the sand and re-draw.
A long process but with fabulous results.


Blog updated by Nuzhat and Sanjidah.

"We have used different colour sands to make waves. Using wet sand was weird but wonderful. The animation looks so incredible. The sand felt weird when i touched it. It was hard to keep the sand off the floor. We had to wash our hands after we used the powder paint. The animation is really effective.

Ananya, Tracey and Mehreen-
"We were using sand, coloured sand and powdered paint to make a little river and some busy buildings. We took a picture every time and also used cookie cutters to make the buildings.We worked together."


"Today we have been doing some sand animation. Two other people worked with me. We used the boat sculpture we made last time and made the imprint move in the sand."

Friday 10 June 2011

Still Animating

Today the students have had an intensive day of animating. We have been filming Harry Gosling's early life including scenes at a Victorian school and when he first started work.

Here's a photo of out temporary animation studio.

Maryam -
"We are making the ball smash the window when Harry and the Head Teacher play cricket in their class when they went to school."

Tanzila -
"I've learnt how to move lips and match it to the people who are talking."

Rafi said about the part we are filming -
"Mr Harry Gosling starts work and he leaves because he wants more money and they won't give it to him because he's too young. That's not fair! Why don't they give people all the same money?"

Azhar -
"I took a photo of everyone animating"

Hanifah -
"I was turing the cock hands to go around."

Ibrahim -
"I've been doing writing on a chalkboard for the part of the film when Harry was in school."

Nam -
"We could show our film to all the classes in the hall downstairs."

Thursday 9 June 2011

Starting to make the animation.

Today we worked with students from year 6, 5 and 4.
They did some terrific planning, sorted out and finished off artwork, began animating and creating scripts.
Nuzhat, Musuma and Rashadul did the blog post today.

Farhana and Mehreen -

"We were making a lot of school children because there was 200 children (per class in Victorian times). We then coloured  them to make it look effective and also we cut them out!"


"I took this photo because i needed to see how the plaque looked like with the date when it (the school)  was built. It helped me draw the school."


"Me, Nuzhat and Alhena are creating a story book about Harry Gosling's life by using the computer."  

Tracey and Shafayet

"Today we have just created a script for our animation project for our scene about the beginning of Harry Gosling."


"I learnt that by making smaller movements of the characters the slower the animation gets."


"We were making animation and I really enjoyed moving arms."

Friday 27 May 2011

Creating more artwork.

Today we had a very busy time with the students creating more artwork.
We collaged and painted puppets and backgrounds, made more templates for our sand animation and did a little bit of filming.

Sanjidah - "Today we were designing a victorian school classroom"

Mohamed - "I helped draw the windows for Big Ben"

Tracey - " Today we have been learning how to animate with sand"

Masuma "We were cutting bits of newspaper and collaging them on card to make a pavement"